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Friday, December 10, 2010

Experience of maidless

After spending 2 weeks , the one thing that I think I began to feel the change without the maid – I am able to do the things myself, without feeling annoy or tired. In fact I feel so great, have more time with kids.

when you do, you know the job will be PERFECT! Exercise good posture , and what you'll get is muscle aches. Muscle aches are good, cos' it shows that you have worked on them! Now less kg sudah… best

Our children are now capable of handling the house work. Tidying their room and also organising their school bags and food are no longer something we thought they are unable to do.

Finally I've learnt to iron in a breeze and finding all sorts of shortcuts to get by my day without getting insane.

p/s-while I was mopping the kitchen floor yesterday night, Amaar kept coming to me with & ask for nenen,& I told , "Give me 10 minutes." Then another 10, then 5, & another 5, finally , "GO ASK abah!!" Shortly, I overheard some small humans talking , one saying to the other, "Don't disturb ibu. She's very busy now." Yezzz I m very busy now okey

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Zaitun said...

Salam kenal

Kalau cakap pasal maid kak Zai dah lalui,banyak yang bagi masaalah.