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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Treatment Concentrate ...ANEW GENICS

Let's we get it now. the promotion date is form 1 till 31 Dec 20011.

My best friend Alma told me that she tried and she feel the different. So why not a mother of 5, ( 15yr, 14yr, 9yr, 6yr and 4yr ) to try, to feel it and today I apply it and I feel the different. You guys should try it.

The power to look younger is inside you…..and now comes ANew Genics - another innovative product!only from AVON.

Availability: This product is available from your Avon Representative and also can get at any 188 boutique all over Malaysian.

I genuinely really like this product and I know some might say I am biais as I am an AVON associate , but would I lie to you?

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