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Friday, February 10, 2012

Lunch with Legal Team

Lunch with Legal Team @ Kelantan Delight Subang Jaya. Tried the Ikan Singgang with Budu... Should try this menu simple but so nice. Thank you guys..

Hot lemon Tea...

My lady boss
during lunch she did asked, " sophie, how you managed to cook everyday, and u have no assistant. She asked in front of all the other team member. I just smile and answer her.every Saturday I will ensure that everything ready I meant the stock for the weekdays. I blend whatever, I need to blend, the union will cut, fish and chicken will arrange per dish and everything I ensue everything complete inside my on the way back I m plan to cook and call my doter to take out from the freezer. But that saturday so tired because will finish the work at 3-4 pm..baru boleh relax


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